[Press Pause] Something Small 3.0

So I did draft something in Ommwriter and now it’s disappeared on me.

How are you?

Tired. Still. It feels never-ending, but I need to look after myself more, y’know.

What have you been doing?

Sewing class – complete

Disclosure – I paid for this myself.

If you flick back to that Spring Goals post I wrote a while ago, one of the items was to complete a beginner’s sewing project. And I did, it was a very dodgy chicken.

However. I also signed up for a class at Sew Make Create and learned about the basics of machine set up, tension, stitches and feet. The second class was focused on measuring fabric, grain, and putting the cushion together.

Michelle is a great teacher, incredibly patient and encouraging. I needed a lot of coaching through the process and she was really understanding! (On the other hand, I was getting really frustrated with myself because it felt like nothing was going right – I’m literally a beginner so that doesn’t make logical sense).

The smaller class size worked a lot better for me because I could get personal attention when I was lost or needed help.

I do want to keep going and have my eye on a sewing machine – Michelle and owner Melissa were able to help me narrow down potential picks from Literally Everything to a smaller range. And learning crochet and amigurumi through their classes next year.

Finally went to Book Club

I also finally went to a book club meeting! After umming and ahhing and googling book club ettiquette (is it bad manners to turn up if you haven’t read it, or worse to sit it out? The answer – unclear!) Anyway, I ended up just asking and the organisers said to come along anyway.

And I had a great time talking to other people passionate about books! The organizers have poured a lot of love into it, from prizes and swaps to questions and trivia. I even won something by accident! It was definitely worth pushing past the discomfort and giving it a go.

Stuff I liked this week

Anything else?

Not really. I’ve started thinking about things I want to try next year.

Alright, see ya next week

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