WHYBUT – Fully vaccinated

WHYBUT or What Have You Been Up To? is a semi-regular post where I tell you about stuff that doesn’t quite fit a review.


– Grackle stretching herself with new content in the Grackle Tries series! I love it – so far she’s learned to make fudge from a pro and tried pottery.

– Davie504 reviewing kid musicians, and this old video where he just plays bass till Flea notices him. It’s really nice background music tbh.

– Pomodoro sprints with Paige of Pages with Paige.

– I’ve been watching my new plants like a hawk haha


– I signed up for a premium subscription to Planta today – it’ll tell me more about what to do and when to look after my plants. Which is good, since I have no idea what I’m doing.

– got my second AZ shot yesterday! I feel ok so far, arm is a little sore but all good 👉👉

– working on decluttering my stuff more. Some of it is just overwhelming to look at – but little by little we’ll get there.

– made a lovely risotto from Hello Fresh. Baby steps towards cooking more (and not being overwhelmed by what’s in the fridge from last time).

– I have once again entered the arena to buy a car. Wish me luck?

– crochet but not using stitch markers results in me giving myself the shits lol. Clearly I like the repetition but need to be more attentive when doing it. I’ve been trying to do a hexagon from Hello Hexie by Sarah Shrimpton and just keep unpicking it.

– life drawing via Life Model Society in Melbourne. Sophie was a gorgeous model to draw, and so was Richard!

– I asked very good shiba Meeko a question to celebrate reaching 16k followers and his owner answered! I cry.


Game of Stars by Sayantani DasGupta. I’ve been reading this for a while and am keen to finish it today! Kiran is back and fighting to save the Kingdom Beyond from the clutches of her birth father Sesha, the Serpent King.


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